Metalab is an Australian-based multidisciplinary design collective and gallery that showcases contemporary artists in several fields. Cesar Cueva, who co-founded the studio, and Cinnamon Lee, who joined in 2010, are both gold and silversmiths that create thought-provoking works of art. Above are rings by both Cesar Cueva (left) and Cinnamon Lee (right).

Part of The Local Smiths, this series of unique rings will definitely make people take notice. The sculptural pieces are colorful, edgy and one-of-a-kind. The Local Smiths is a project from Metalab that celebrates the handmade works of local art and brings together the unlikely collaboration of Cueva and Lee with Gelatosmith Nikky Tsang. This pop-up jewelry and gelato bar is the first installation of many for The Local Smiths.

And who doesn’t want gelato while they shop?

Rings by Cesar Cueva below:

Rings by Cinnamon Lee below: