Tork Design is a furniture design and fabrication company focused on artfully creating smart, ecological, and multi-generational furniture. Their current line is mostly high-end office furniture but they have built several other client-specific pieces that range from vanities to one-offs inspired from found objects.

One of their most unique visions was to create an illumination system that is wireless. By studying the principles between conductive and non-conductive materials, they have engineered a wireless lighting system (see video below) to work in partnership with our furniture. It’s like the future, except now!

The Parallel Desk

The Parallel’s modern yet timeless design inspires a fresh, creative and enjoyable atmosphere. Hidden wire cavities allow the large work surface to be uncluttered by power cords. Our wireless lighting further increases desk top simplicity. Utensils are easily accessed in three self-closing drawers.


The Harbor Credenza
The Harbor was designed so that everything has a purpose, and everything has a place. Organize workspace by storing files in the lower self-closing drawers. Binders and books fit perfectly in open shelving. Harbor seldom used CDs, manuals, and paperwork behind these shelves in hidden compartments. The top surface is ready for our wireless lighting and a planter has been integrated to add verdure and beauty to workspaces.


The Vitre
Simple and clean structure exposed by glass makes Vitre an architectonic and elegant piece. It adds dignity and creativity to any space it occupies. The table is supported by substantial 3”x3” metal square tubing and steadied by plyboo cross bars. The central plyboo bar can be formatted to fit personal needs of décor, power and internet connection.