Sound it out! TOH-toh-KYE-oh.

Totokaelo creative director, Jill Wenger has purveyed beautiful and thoughtful fashion, design, and art pieces since November 2003—the opening of the brand’s first brick and mortar store. It all started with women’s fashion, accessories, and footwear. Then, in 2012, Totokaelo Art—Object opened to sell art, furniture, lighting, tabletop accessories, and textiles.

New on the block is Totokaelo MAN. The guys now get some of the brand’s royal treatment! Located in Seattle, the men’s store provides a unique point of view while representing some of the world’s great fashion, art, and design talents.


Jill Wenger designed Totokaelo MAN’s interiors in a way to complement the brand’s other stores. Letting her mind roam free to gather inspiration from all aspects of her life, Wenger wanted a fresh design that no one has ever seen before. It’s done so well, in fact, that I’d love to sit and read a good book inside all day.


The store’s interior features Wenger’s furniture line, a custom shelving unit by Joel Kikuchi, and doors and clothes racks by James Ryan.


Totokaelo MAN combines beautiful interior design with fashion, art, and design pieces into a store that’s been built for the modern man. Check out some of my favorite pieces below.

Clockwise from left: Jill Sander suit and tie with Grenson boots, Jill Sander Hex Blue tie, Common Projects derbies

Clockwise from left: Jil Sander suit, tie, and Grenson boots. Jil Sander Hex Blue tie. Common Projects derbies.

Clockwise from top left: Hope hat, Hope tee and trousers with Mark McNairy New Amsterdam derbies, Rick Owens shoes

Clockwise from top left: Hope hat. Hope tee and trousers, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam derbies. Rick Owens shoes.

From left: Saturdays Surf NYC outfit with Acne sneakers, Wood Wood jacket and trousers with Common Projects sneakers,  Hope button up and shorts with Common Projects sneakers

From left: Saturdays Surf NYC bomber, top, and trousers, Acne sneakers. Wood Wood jacket and trousers, Common Projects sneakers. Hope button up and shorts, Common Projects sneakers.