This lovely little live/work home located in Echo Park in Los Angeles, California was once a 1923 clapboard house, but when architectural designers Louis Molina and Laurent Turin of Good Idea Studio bought it, they knew it was the perfect space for their home and office. Upstairs is a 578-square foot living area that Molina and Turn take turns occupying, while downstairs they share the office space. They spent about $62,000 reworking the inside and out, transforming the interior into a livable space for two designers.

The interior is essentially one big room with a bathroom in the middle, dividing it up. They used MDF as walls and installed lots of large windows and sliding doors and tracks to make the space feel airy and open. On the exterior, they designed a custom railing, which is one of my favorite elements of the home. Read the whole story at Dwell.

Photos by Heather Culp.

[via Dwell]