Located in Dovre, Norway’s village of Hjerkinn, is the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion, better known as Tverrfjellhytta. Designed by Snøhetta, the observation pavilion is located on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park and allows the public to enjoy programs offered by the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation. It provides shelter to the groups of students and visitors that come to learn about the program.

The idea behind the design was to contrast the boxy steel and glass exterior with the organic wood curves of the interior. The wood mimics erosion on a rock or ice caused by natural events, which provides unique seating for the public. They’ve managed to create a cozy and durable space for the people to take in the view and learn about the area.

It’s easy to see why it was ArchDaily’s 2011 Building of the Year in the Cultural category.

Photos by Ketil Jacobsen and diephotodesigner.de.