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Michael Aram
Michael Aram is a perennial favorite on Gilt Home. An American-born metal artist living and designing in India, Michael Aram’s creative collection is lovingly made using age-old traditional techniques. His water collection takes its inspiration from the mystical and serene symbolism that is associated with aquatic imagery. “My emotional response to water is very strong — heightened by the extreme sensations surrounding the smell, sound, sight, and touch of the aquatic world itself. Water-related images provide me with a sense of peace and balance. As the tides roll in and out, as the sun rises and sets, the landscape of water also changes and evolves. There is a universe in, under, and around the water which has its own visual vocabulary.”

Learn more about his design inspirations and production in this behind the scenes video, then visit our Aram sale tomorrow for pieces that are perfect for entertaining or holiday gift-giving. Want to preview sales one hour before they begin? Visit our Facebook preview tab.

Price & Kensington Teapots
Looking forward to getting cozy by the fire? Iconic Price & Kensington teapots, on sale today at Gilt, date back to 1896 and serve a cup of tea as stylish as it is tasty. The teapot shape causes tea leaves to be gently swirled around as boiling water is added, producing a rich, full flavored tea. An often overlooked part of tea tea quality is the water –- the better the water the better the tea. Try filtered or bottled water to brew up a great cup. Check out more tips on making perfect tea at Matching Food & Wine.

charity: water
charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Gilt Groupe chose charity: water as one of its charities for donation to this year because unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases. Children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight illnesses. As a result, 4,500 children die each week from lack of access to clean water and basic sanitation. 100% of public donations go directly to water projects.

Gilt Groupe will donate $1 to charity: water for every unique Gilt purchaser from today until December 12, 2010. Now your purchase can look good, and make you feel even better.

Want more? The founder of the charity: water cause, Scott Harrison, will host a Q&A on Gilt Groupe’s Facebook page. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how he started this incredible program with the mission to make water safe for everyone.