You know what they say about a room with a big hand?!

No, I am not going there! These surprises in design are what you keep you coming back for more! Do you ever wonder how things that seem like they would be so wrong together can look so right. I guess just that right amount of wrong is right! It’s this play of scale, volumes, and proportions in design that I think is key to creating strong and memorable environments. Large portraits and photography become life-like and create strong stories and often times humorous tales. Oversized objects and furniture keep spaces lighthearted and friendly and they scream “come play with me.” Getting out of your head is always good and I feel like these spaces allow you to go above and beyond the constraints of everyday thinking. They really activate that imagination and allow you to let go of your inhibitions. Take a closer look at some great plays on scale and proportion.








[Photos: Hallie Burton, Yabu Pushelberg, 21C Hotel, Suzy Hoodless, and Sharyn Cairns]