French design collective Y’A PAS LE FEU AU LAC began as a collaboration between designer FX Balléry and “tabletiers turners” Marie and Gregory Bodel where both sides brought their expertise to the table (quite literally). The resulting wood-based collection designed by a select group of handpicked designers around the world, is full of contemporary objects and housewares that are not only fun, they are completely useful.

LES MONTGOLFIÈRES by FX Balléry (above)

PERRETTE by FX Balléry

The company’s name comes from a French expression meaning “no need to rush” and the products reflect that with the suggestion to focus on the enjoyment and to “contemplate your environment and to share with friends.” Available for purchase through neo-utility.

MATRIOSCHKA by André Klauser


ARBOUR by Ed Carpenter

LES PLANCHAS by Véronique Maire

KART by Ed Carpenter

PIK by FX Balléry

CANTINE by Véronique Maire

LES PERLES “XL” by FX Balléry

MILK STOOL by Alissia Melka-Teichroew