Antti Pulli is a Finnish designer who is pursuing a degree in industrial design from University of Art & Design Helsinki (Aalto University). Collaborating with fellow student Alexander Brink, they created the Yksi chair, folded from one single sheet of 16mm cardboard. There are no loose parts and the form locks itself in place with no additional tools. Each chair weighs about 1.8 kg (~4 lbs).

Yksi means “one” in Finnish, referring to the simplicity of the one sheet.

More details about the chair:

Green values
The material itself has a long recycling history: wood, pulp, cardboard and now — a chair. 100% functional, 100% recyclable. Due to the strong Re-board cardboard the form is sturdy but at the same time very light. Now old boards with old prints can easily be turned into chairs for a new purpose.

The chair is designed to be a space saver: just fold it back into an open flat sheet and you can pile them up into a stack for maximum storage usage. A 160 cm tall stack will include as much as 100 chairs.

Producing the Yksi chair is simple. After cutting it into shape, the foldings are made possible by removed slices of the outer layer of the material. Locking it up is easy with Dual Lock stickers, which are glued on.