The 10 Best Designed Wireless Smartphone Chargers

Is there anything more tired than being required to stay wired by cable when charging a mobile device? With many mid-tier and most flagship smartphones supporting the Qi wireless charging standard, and wireless charger options now so ubiquitous, it seems counterintuitive to not have at least one wireless charger in the home or home office for convenience’s sake. The following 10 models stand out from the ever-increasing crowd of chargers for their higher degree of industrial design paired with fast(er) charging specifications.

>>> Sum DIAL <<< $79.99
Los Angeles-based Sum is currently seeking crowdfunding for the DROP, a new fast wireless charger slated to be released by the end of the year, joining the company’s charger-and-stand-in-one, DIAL. The fast charging unit is capable of delivering 7.5W/10W for compatible iPhone and Android devices; its namesake feature allows users to rotate the charging surface from flat to angled in an instant, making it a perfect desk accessory or placed near a bed for easier and ergonomic intermittent glances.

>>> Nomad Base Station <<< $230
The Nomad Base Station Pro has been receiving a lot of attention of late, attributed mostly to the charger’s unique printed circuit board, multi-coil layout (think hex shapes rather than coils), eliminating the guesswork associated with aligning the back of mobile devices with a charger. The large expanse of black leather offers enough space to charge up to three devices at once, with fast 7.5W charging speeds specifically specced out for iPhones (an affront to Android users).

>>> Courant CATCH:2 <<< $150
The smaller sibling of one of our favorite wireless charger designs, this slimmer USB-C charging platform is equipped to power-up up to two devices at once with a minimal footprint. Charging speeds are pedestrian, but aesthetes will relish the five fashionable color options available, a perk for a device best situated for overnight charging duties, whether it be a landing strip or bedside.

>>> Lexon Oslo <<< $70
Designed by Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio, the two-tone Oslo is one of the more fashionable options in the wireless charging canon featuring an unusual extra feature: a built-in 5W wireless Bluetooth speaker. The 10W wireless charger requires approximately 3 hours to top off the average device, but at least you’ve got the option to enjoy some music during the wait.

>>> Samsung UV Sanitizer <<< $50
It should go without saying hygiene has risen to the forefront of concerns, with our phones identified as the object we probably handle the most throughout the day. Samsung’s wireless charger adds a built-in UV sanitizing light system that eliminates 99% of microorganisms in just 10 minutes, all the while fast charging devices as large as the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

>>> Moshi Symbus Q <<< $165
To describe the Symbus Q simply as a wireless charger would be doing its numerous capabilities a disservice. Peek across the accessory’s front and back and you’ll find not just HDMI and Ethernet ports, but also two USB/ one USB-C for connectivity, effectively making this accessory a formidable all-in-one solution for laptop users looking to connect and charge a laptop and their mobile devices at the same time.

>>> Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE 3-in-1 Wireless Charger <<< $140
If you’re fully invested in the Apple ecosystem and have to juggle keeping an iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods all properly topped off in the battery department, Belkin’s 3-in-1 charging platform offers a spot for each of the devices all at once with a 7.5W rated delivery.

>>> Native Union Terrazzo Wireless <<< $150
If Ettore Sottsass had an iPhone, you bet your Memphis squiggle he’d pay a premium to be charging it upon one of these Jesmonite terrazzo-style Qi-charging stands. The Native Union’s 10W Max with 7.5W Fast Charging specifications speeds up charge time, but the real impetus for purchasing this charger is its speckled surface, a design that puts a stylish face forward even sans device.

>>> Marie Wolt Black Marble <<< $71
Similar to the aforementioned charging stand, this luxurious looking black marble wireless charger places a premium upon its aesthetic imprint. But the 15W charging platform is more than sufficient to power up devices as large as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, alongside the eagerly awaited Apple iPhone 12.

>>> Yeelight Staria Bedside Light <<< $80
Xiaomi is still a fairly obscure brand in the United States, but the brand has quietly been racking up several international design awards for their contemporary and innovative spins upon mundane household objects under the Mi moniker – like this bedside lamp incorporating a wireless charging stand alongside the lamp’s adjustable color and brightness LED, a lighting system supposedly developed according to the Kruithof curve. Smart home devotees will also appreciate the lamp has been designed to work with all varieties of digital assistants, including Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Alexa, offering a lot of utility for a modest price.

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