10 Last Second Design + Tech Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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10 Last Second Design + Tech Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

We’ve gathered ten Valentine’s Day gift ideas for numerous personalities and preferences below to hopefully aid in for your last minute gift giving plans:

Vermicular Musui–Kamado /// $670
For the food lover: Think of this Japanese enameled cast iron pot and induction cooktop as the Instant Pot for the design set, capable of cooking dishes elevated from typical one-pot cooking meals (including sous-vide).

Sonos Beam  /// $399
For the movie lover: Sonos combines a tastefully compact design with an unmatched level of technological simplicity with their latest sound bar. Capable of reproducing movie dialogue as adeptly as a favorite music playlist, the Beam is remarkably loud and clear despite its svelte form factor, making it an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates technology as an inconspicuous experience.

Poemotion by Takahiro Kurashima /// $35
For the graphic designer: 64 mesmerizing pages filled with 30 illustrations, each buzzing and vibrating with the optical illusions created by the optical phenomena of moire effects, revealed with the aid of a special sheet. The effects are rather dazzling.

Stone Island Shadow Project Lenticular Bomber Jacket /// $853
For the fashionable: An ideal pair with the graphic tome above, the Stone Island Shadow Project bomber jacker is finished in a lenticular woven fabric that changes with motion or from different angles, a dizzying and dazzling effect sure to invite a few double takes.

Hawthorne Mens Personalized Bath & Body Products /// $34-$100
For the person who loves customization: Hawthorne forgoes the one-scent-fits-all formula for men, offering an online bespoke care service designed to factor in an individual’s preferences in scent and lifestyle. Personal activities, sweat factor, personality type, and even drink preference are all taken into account via online survey before their algorithm spits out a pair of scents (for day and night), body wash, soap, and deodorant tailored to suit your unique body chemistry.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless /// $300
For the commuter: We harbor a strong affection for the simplicity of Apple AirPods, but they’ve always lagged in the audio quality department and frankly, they always feel at the precipice of falling out. Sennheiser’s wireless earbuds are an audiophile-grade improvement in both regards, offering exceptional audio with a secure fit, paired with the addition of integrated touch controls that AirPods can’t offer. A fabric-covered carrying and charging case delivers in sum up to 11 hours of playback, making these the best sounding wireless ear buds suited for even the longest commute, whether by plane, train, or automobile.

Huawei Brand 3 Pro /// $70
For the active: Huawei’s latest activity device lives up to its categorical moniker, a modestly priced fitness band outfitted with all the bells and whistles an active soul may want: GPS tracking, heart-rate monitoring, and in-depth sleep analysis, all paired with a colorful AMOLED display upgraded from its previous v.2 predecessor. It’s also waterproof, lasts up to 5 days between charging, and we think looks especially great in the quicksand gold finish.

Bel /// $175
For the spiritual: As the hand-dipped and scented wax melts, each pin falls in time to resonate with the sound of a soft bell underneath. It’s a peaceful and analog means of experiencing the passing of time – a meditation of light, sound, and smell.

Everlasting Rose /// $175
For the romantic: The name is a slight exaggeration, but nevertheless the ephemeral beauty of a genuine rose is preserved and protected within a crystal glass dome to admire for up to a year’s time without withering away. Available in 5 colors and two heights.

Wilfa Uniform Grinder + Tectonic Coffee  /// $329 and $19
For the coffee lover: Coffee geeks can get really particular about how to prepare their beans, which makes this Bluetooth-enabled coffee grinder an ideal tool for dialing in the ideal grounds before brewing. With 41 adjustable grinding levels, your recipient will have plenty of options.

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