10 Modern Vases to Hold Everything From a Stem to a Bouquet

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10 Modern Vases to Hold Everything From a Stem to a Bouquet

If you’re looking to bring a bit of outdoors in, modern vases are a great way to make it happen, whether you cut flowers from your garden or pick some up at your favorite flower shop. No matter the time of year or weather, fresh flowers can add some color and much needed life during gloomy times, and even in the best of times, to be honest! And when you don’t have flowers to fill them, these vases look great on their own as functional works of art. Here are 10 modern vases, from small to large, perfect for holding everything from a single stem to a whole bouquet.

Gauge Single Stem Vase by ROKOS
Available in three colors (Crystal Clear, Rosalin, and Smoke), this single stem glass vase is made from mouth-blown crystal and designed to take on the behavior of a flower. With water in the base, the vase sits upright but as the stem drinks up more water, the vase will ‘wilt’ to the side alerting that it needs more water. The vase acts like a ‘gauge’, hence its name, to indicate how much water remains by the angle of its tilt.

A handmade, wheel-thrown vase made from speckled brown clay and love, featuring a modern, hand-painted design in primary colors with a semi-gloss white glaze interior.

Raawii Small Strøm Vase
Designed by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen for Raawii, this 6″ x 5″ vase mixes simplicity with functionality, drawing inspiration from early 20th century Kubism and the still life works of Danish modern artist, Vilhelm Lundstrøm. Available in Blue, Vaporous Grey, Green Gables, and Coral Blush, each Strøm vase is handmade in Portugal using a slip-cast technique with Earthenware ceramic.

You Vase Matt by Valeria Vasi
Handmade in Barcelona, this stoneware decorative vase features a tall, U-shaped design with a matte white finish that can hold as stem or two on each side for a modern, minimalist look.

Show Wood Vase by ignore Amsterdam
Designed by Julien van Hassel, this minimalist vase is made from a a foot of solid wood that’s encased in a black or white, ridged ceramic shell. The wood peeks through at the base adding a warm detail to the sleek upper ceramic portion that results in a clean vessel just waiting for flowers.

Aqua Culture Small Vase by KINTO
At just over 5″ high, this small, two-piece vase, available in Gray, Blue, or Clear glass, is the perfect home for a freshly propagated succulent or a bulb beginning its life as the top keeps it from being submerged in water. The top piece can also be removed to allow the bottom portion to act as a regular vase for stems.

Full Vase by Recreation Center
Standing at 11″ tall, this hand-thrown vase in terra cotta clay looks cool on its own as a design object with nothing in it, but it would also look good with some greenery. The exterior is hand painted with black, white, and blue glaze, with additional details in real gold.

Metro Vase by TIIPOI
This unique vase is 3D printed out of concrete to resemble pillars installed around Bangalore from when they had plans to build an above ground metro system that never came to fruition. When the project was canceled, the pillars remained as random architectural features making them interesting structures to replicate into sculptural objects that can hold flowers or left empty for decoration.

Petri Vase in Blush by Elyse Graham
Part of their Microbe Collection, this hand-cast vase took inspiration from the galaxy of microorganisms living inside all of us. The interior is layered with resin to make it waterproof, while the exterior is dyed and stippled to resemble the way microbes grow and colonize.

Albany Medium Vase by Fferrone
A great medium-sized option that goes beyond your average glass vase. The Albany vases feature its fluting detail on the interior resulting in a striking linear pattern that elevates the shapely piece, which is handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

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