10 Mood-Setting Modern Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Ambiance is just as crucial outdoors, if not more so, as indoors. Sunset dinners, evening lounging, and midnight chat sessions all require an extra touch of aura. These 10 modern outdoor lights, including table lamps, floor lamps, and lanterns, are the answer to your life expanding outside as the weather turns warmer and we inevitably follow.

Person relaxing outdoors with a snack and a lamp on a sunny day

The cordless Edison the Petit from Fatboy can go just about anywhere you go, boasting a USB charge of up to 24 hours, depending on brightness mode. Speaking of, you turn the table lamp on by pulling the Fatboy label, and the longer it’s pulled, the brighter its entire body shines.

Three modern outdoor lamps varying in size and arranged in an ascending order.

Completely waterproof and ready for life outdoors, meet the Kettal Mia Outdoor Lamps collection. With a quasi-traditional indoor lighting design, its three available size options provide versatility, even offering a conveniently small battery-powered lamp.

A poolside with modern outdoor lighting, loungers, and an olive tree during sunset.

If you’re looking to carry your statement-making style through the sliding doors to another world, MOONY Outdoor Floor Lamps by Karman are sure to catch your attention. The LED lights appear to be forever in motion, dancing to an unheard song.

Two modern white outdoor lanterns on a garden patio at dusk.

The new battery-powered version of Contardi’s Cube Outdoor Lantern doesn’t need a switch to be illuminated, only a slight rotation of the battery’s body. There’s no need to move the lantern to recharge either – simply pop off the battery and connect.

Illuminated white sphere on an outdoor table.

Always have the light of the moon by your side with the Harvest Moon Outdoor Light from West Elm. Made for the outdoors, it’s rechargeable and portable, making this lamp perfect for an evening picnic, camping, or sitting on the patio.

Modern outdoor lounge overlooking a tranquil sea.

The partnership of craft and innovation always catches our eye, as is the case once more with the BLOMUS ROPE Mobile Rechargeable LED Lamp. A “shade” of wrapped synthetic rope hides away a cordless LED lamp that casts the most beautiful shadows when lit at night.

A portable black lantern resting beside a rolled-up blanket in the storage compartment of a vehicle.

Illuminate even the most ordinary moments with BALMUDA The Lantern. A hidden LED light source located in the top prevents the light from shining directly in your eyes. Adjust the lantern’s brightness or color temperature by turning a knob for settings that include flickering candlelight, an amber glow, and a warm white light.

Modern outdoor furniture and elegant floor lamps on a terrace at dusk.

A low-effort looker is the Dazuma Outdoor Solar Lawn Light that automatically absorbs sunlight to recharge during the day then turns on automatically at night. Easy-to-install with a long-lasting charge, and unique in design, the light’s three available sizes can be used individually or grouped together to create your own outdoor art installation.

Two white modern outdoor table lamps of different heights.

The portable, cordless, rechargeable Poldina Pro Table Lamp turns on with a tap of a finger. Simple yet striking in design, the dimmable lighting can be further personalized with a collection of lamp shade covers to perfectly suit the mood.

Person carrying a portable lamp outdoors at dusk.

Exuding a soft, inviting LED glow, the Neighbor Acorn Lantern can be carried or hung on an optional steel stand. Flip it one way for downlight or the other for an ambient setting, and enjoy up to 8 hours of dimmable lighting on a single charge.

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