11 Howard: A Hotel That Feels Like a Home

It’s becoming a modern day preference that when away from their homes, travelers don’t want to feel like they’re traveling. They want to eat, visit, and stay like a local, not a tourist. This was one of Danish design studio SPACE Copenhagen’s goals when designing Soho’s new 11 Howard Hotel. By combining New York’s classic feel with Scandinavian design traditions, SPACE Copenhagen created contemporary interiors for each of the 221 guest rooms filled with beautiful objects that were meticulously and carefully considered.


The guest rooms, which look and feel more like an artist’s home than a traditional hotel, all have custom designed pieces by SPACE Copenhagen, from light fixtures to accent furniture.


Luminous oak oiled furniture from SPACE Copenhagen’s Fly Collection in collaboration with &tradition can be found in each room.


We’re really interested in materials – stone, woods, leathers. We love things that age well. It’s part of our responsibility that a project lives on in a beautiful manner long after we’ve left.
–SPACE Copenhagen Co-founder, Signe Bindslev Henriksen


The Library is SPACE Copenhagen’s interpretation of modern social spaces. The studio worked with top rated manufacturers like MATER, Stellarworks, &tradition, Gubi, and Fredericia to create a one of a kind area to work, meet, or rest.



Porcelain tile, marble countertops, and brass trimmings give the in-room bathrooms a luxe feel.





What: 11 Howard Hotel
Where: 11 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013
How much?: Rooms and suites start at approx. $259 per night
Highlights: This is a very design-centric hotel but it doesn’t feel stuffy or uptight. All the interiors have been carefully considered to make you feel at home, not away from it.
Design draw: Almost everything in this hotel has been custom designed by SPACE Copenhagen for a unique atmosphere that balances classic luxury with modernity.
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