2013 Year in Review: Unframed

With so many galleries and art exhibitions happening all the time, tons of good shows are bound to pass by without you getting a chance to view them. Luckily we have David who shares with us some of the best art exhibitions happening in New York City throughout the year. Take a look back at some of these jaw-dropping exhibitions we featured in our Unframed column.

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2013 Year in Review: Unframed

Tapestries of Trash by El Anatsui
El Anatsui takes dirty, rusted, and smashed liquor bottle caps and transforms them into flexible, sparkling tapestries you’ll want to touch.

Doug Aitken Destroys Gallery Floor for Art Installation
An art gallery’s concrete floor is jackhammered out to form a massive hole filled with water and underground microphones that record and broadcast the sounds of water dripping from the ceiling.

Daniel Rozin’s Robotic “Mirrors”
Hypnotizing sculptures that align and shift to mimic your shape and movements in real time, mirroring the guests as they approach.

Shane Hope’s 3D Printed Art
Intricate sculptures that are created through two cutting edge technologies: 3D printing and molecular nanotechnology.

Ancient Contemporary Art by Ugo Rondinone
Two New York City exhibitions housed Ugo Rondinone’s stone figures – nine massive ones stood outside 30 Rock and 37 smaller figures were erected in a sky-lit, cathedral-like gallery.

Jeff Koons “Gazing Ball (Mailboxes)” 2013, Plaster and glass. © Jeff Koons. Courtesy David Zwirner Gallery

A Closer Look at Jeff Koons
We were granted an opportunity to check out Jeff Koons’ work that was spread throughout two galleries, allowing us to take note of the high quality that each one of his pieces possesses.

James Turrell “Aten Reign” 2013, installation view, © James Turrell. Photo: David Heald © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York

James Turrell Resculpts the Guggenheim with Light
Over the summer, James Turrell transformed the Guggenheim’s iconic rotunda into a mesmerizing show through light and space.

Illegal and Underrated: The Sidewalks of the Gallery District
When viewing art, one normally looks straight ahead at walls. This time, we look down and stroll the streets of the gallery district in Chelsea to peep the art outdoors.

Reflecting in the Sculptures of John McCracken
Five decades of sculpture from the late minimalist John McCracken reveals simple sculptures that will have your eyes slowly focusing on the reflection you see in them.

The Alphabet of Damián Ortega
An installation that requires a bit of a triple take. At first glance, you notice 25 twisty forms suspended in mid-air. Take a closer look to discover that each sculpture creates a shadow on the floor of the letters of the alphabet.

It’s Just Paper: The Photographs of Thomas Demand
An unbelievable series of photographs that contain scenes and models made strictly out of paper. After being photographed, the artist then destroys the life-like models.

Yayoi Kusama "Love Is Calling" 2013

Yayoi Kusama “Love Is Calling” 2013, Photo courtesy of David Zwirner and Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc.

45 Seconds of Infinity by Yayoi Kusama
Rooms filled with mesmerizing shows of lights and colors that will leave you completely stunned.

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