7 Electric Chairs… As You Like It
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7 Electric Chairs… As You Like It is an exhibition of seven luminous sculptures designed by American director, stage designer and master of visual experimentation Robert Wilson in collaboration with Kartell.

Located at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the collection celebrates Robert Wilson’s 70th birthday. Wilson explains, “From the number seven. Seven days of the week. I am 70 years old, seven decades, seven deadly sins and there are many more references in philosophy, mathematics. Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’ contains the seven ages of man, there are seven dwarfs in Snow white and there is the soft drink 7UP. Seven has always been a number that interests me.”

Made of Kartell’s popular transparent polycarbonate, the chairs are similar but different white neon lights in various patterns have been inserted inside.

The chairs will remain through September 30th and then will be sold to galleries and collectors.

Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living in SoCal. She dreams about funky, artistic jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, making music, and drawing.