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Forust + fuseproject’s 3D Printing Transforms Wood Waste Into Beautiful Vessels

Yves Behar and Forust turn industrial wood waste into a swirling collection of four home goods using high-speed 3D printing.

3D Printing Cerambot Eazao Might Fulfill Your Pot Habit

This 3D clay printer eliminates the need for a compressor or kiln to produce detailed glazed ceramics using the kitchen microwave.

IKEA and UNYQ Will Soon Launch Customized 3D Printing Gear for Gamers

Swedish giant IKEA and San Francisco-based UNYQ launch a three product, 3D-printed collection aiming to improve comfort for gamers.

The Logigram Turntable Combines Analog Audio With 3D Printing

3D printing and computer-aided CNC milling are used to realize a fully analog turntable design eliminating unwanted playback vibration.

Gantri Turns Your Design Sketches into Reality Through 3D Printing

This new, on-demand creative service will make your design sketches a reality.

The MOD-t Is a Gateway Into 3D Printing

Designed by legendary Frog Design, this affordable $399 PLA filament 3D printer is meant for classrooms, studios, and workshops alike.

KWAMBIO Uses 3D Printing for Designed Objects on Demand

KWAMBIO uses 3D printing to create designed objects on demand, doing away with the previous limitations it afforded.

A Clutch that’s Made Entirely by 3D Printing

A 3D printed clutch that was inspired by the fruit from a cypress tree.

Tips & Tricks for 3D Printing in Photoshop CC

Adobe shares some great tips and tricks for getting a file ready for 3D printing using Photoshop CC.

3D Printing Rescues Frank Lloyd Wright’s Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

For the first time, 3D printing is being utilized to restore the buildings of iconic American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

3D Printing Is Comfortably Correcting How We Heal

3D scanned and printed custom fit orthotics heal neuromuscular and skeletal systems in a beautiful fashion.

3D Printing Might Just Change Your Manicure

3D printed fingernails that will definitely change the nail art game.

3D Printing + The Internet = Awesome: A Chat With Shapeways

I’ve watched Shapeways grow like crazy over the past few years. The company is a community-based designer and artist marketplace that …

Glowforge Brings 3D Laser Printing to the Home User

A 3D laser printer so precise, it can print onto sheets of seaweed, and capable of automatically tracing drawings for engraving.