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Adidas Eyewear “Barely There” 3D Printed 3D CMPT Sunglasses

3D printers turn flexible nylon into an intricate, breathable lattice frame design offering athletes Adidas Eyewear weighing just 20 grams.

Studio Hagel Remixes 3D Printed Adidas ALPHAEDGE 4D

Studio Hagel disassembles and remixes the 3D printed Adidas Futurecraft 4D into an entirely unique hi-top hybrid silhouette.

Adidas Futurecraft 4D is the 3D Printed Sneaker Revolution Realized

adidas unveils innovative 3D printed performance footwear manufactured using light and oxygen.

Adidas Turns 3D Concept Into Real Life 3D Runners

Adidas turns their Futurecraft concept sneakers into a purchasable reality, unveiling a limited run $333 3D-printed running shoe.

adidas Converts Ocean Plastic Into 3D-printed Shoes

adidas and Parley for the Oceans unveil a shoe concept made with ocean plastic and a 3D printed midsole.

A Preview of a Custom Fit Future: adidas Futurecraft 3D

adidas Futurecraft 3D envisions a future where 3D foot scans and 3D printing will provide runners with a custom fit finish midsole.

adidas Futurecraft STRUNG Threads the Future With Robotic Precision

FUTURECRAFT.STRUNG combines robotics + software directed precision to fashion the 1st fully athlete data-coded running shoe.

Take 5: Leather Watermelon Bags, 3D-Printed Earrings, Vegan Sneakers + More

Editorial Director Caroline Williamson shares 5 things from the design world that she appreciates and why, in our new Take 5 series.

adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP Aims to Close the Circle of Plastic Waste

FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is a 100% recyclable performance running shoe designed to close the loop of plastic waste.

adidas Originals Never Made Collection Connects Past to Present

Adidas remixes old school silhouettes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s with cutting edge tooling of today.

The Adidas Grit Emulates the Sinking Feeling of Running on Sand

These 3D printed shoes optimize high-intensity workouts by making it harder, rather than easier, to run across any hard surface.

adidas Speedfactory Reveals Footwear’s Robotic Future

adidas unveils the 1st of 6 city-themed sneakers catering to the unique demands of London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai.

Michelin 3D-Printed Concept Tire Treads Boldly Forward

The VISION is an airless tire design concept manufactured using recycled orange peels, molasses, and cardboard, with a 3D printed tread.

The UA ArchiTech Futurist Floats Atop 3D Printed Midsoles

These limited edition sneakers are outfitted with a 3D printed heel, designed to protect the feet during lifting, training, and running.