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The Naïve Low Chair Comes Flat Packed and Screws Together

A flat-packed chair composed of 8 pieces that easily screw together for a comfortable, upholstered seat.

Fyrn: High Quality, Flat Packed Furniture

Fyrn offers high-quality, innovative, flat packed furniture at an affordable price.

Plús Hús Is a 320-Square-Foot Flat-Packed Home by Minarc

Icelandic-inspired tiny homes that are customizable and can be used as a rental unit, guest house, home office, or just about anything.

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BEEKMAN: A Minimalist, Flat-Packed Bird Feeder by SHIFT

A minimalist bird feeder with an open floor plan and two open sides to give birds that indoor/outdoor feeling.

A Flat-Packed Lamp Made From 25 Pieces

A flat-packed lamp constructed out of 25 strips of curved wood that fan out to become a sculptural lamp.

A Flat-Packed Chair Made of a Seat and Six Sticks

A simple construction, wooden chair that comes flat-packed and assembles in minutes.

Modos Takes the Tools Out of Flat-Packed Furniture

A modular furniture system made up of wooden boards and aluminum connectors that let you say goodbye to tools.

Sandwichbike: A Flat-Packed Wooden Bicycle

Would you believe that a bicycle could arrive flat-packed, be easily assembled by you, and ready to be ridden in less than an hour?

Lasso: Flat-Packed Slippers

A lace up slipper that's made from a single piece of felt, leather sole, and cotton lace.

A Compact 33 m² Multifunctional Flat in Moscow by Studio Bazi

A 33-square-meter flat gets a renovation full of clever storage and function.

A Flat-Pack, Wooden Stool with a Metal Structure

A flat-pack stool highlights the functional parts with a colorful metal structure as a design feature instead of hiding them.

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Groovebox Living Launches Flat-Pack, Multi-Use Products for Outdoors

One flat-packed, outdoor product does all this: a barbecue, stool, planter, or fireplace.

Anda: An Inflatable Chair by Tehila Guy

An inflatable chair with a wooden base that rethinks the entire idea of flat-packed furniture.

AirClad Inflatable Backyard Studio or Poolhouse Can Pop Up Anywhere

You’ve heard of (and are probably sick of at this point) pop-up shops. Well, this is a pop-up building. AirClad creates semi-permanent…