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Matter Made Launches 2016 Collection

Cult favorite Matter Made launches their newest collection.

NYCxDesign 2013 Spotlight: Roman and Williams for MatterMade

A collection of furniture and lighting made of solid wood and classic brass details.

MatterMade Collection Number Two

I tried to get to the opening of Matter‘s MatterMade Collection Number Two opening during ICFF but it was super packed. So I was happy…

Richard Yasmine Highlights Overconsumption in Size Matters

Richard Yasmine's end goal in Size Matters is to highlight overconsumption through the use of excessive amounts of fabric.

DMTV Milkshake: Building Connections (+ Stylish Kitchens) With John McDonald of Semihandmade

Semihandmade makes the ultimate IKEA hack: stylish doors to fit IKEA cabinets – hear the origin story from owner John McDonald.

Hiro + Wolf Make Vibrant British-Made Products for Pets

Hiro + Wolf is a brand that makes a vibrant and playful collection of British-made gear for pets.

We Stand Together Against Racism: Black Lives Matter

We are heartbroken and saddened at the continued unfair + unjust treatment of the black community. We're taking action.

Kalon Studios on Why Slow Design Matters

We chat with cofounder Michaele Simmering on why choosing quality, timeless design is an investment worth making.

Get Out!

Kun Design Launches a New Outdoor Collection That’s Both Designed and Made in China

A collection of design-focused furniture and accessories for outdoors that could just as easily work indoors.

A Modern, Folding Sofa Made from Two Belts, a Frame, and a Cushion

A two-seater sofa that's easy to put together and take apart when it's time to move.

Milan Design Week 2018: Mutant Matter

FranklinTill and Dutch Invertuals teamed up on an exhibition exploring the future material potential of waste streams.

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Curved, Outdoor Loungers Made of Stainless Steel Netting

Outdoor loungers that are made with stainless steel netting that's been joined to form curvy, three-dimensional structures.


How Side Project Skateboards Are Made

See how Side Project Skateboards handcrafts skateboards from a variety of found and recovered hardwoods.

Design Store(y)

A Visit to Matters of Space

An LA store owned by designers where you can shop and get design services at the same time.