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Metaproject 09: Sesame Street and the Urgency of Play

RIT industrial design seniors were inspired by Sesame Street and challenged to design products that make kids lives better.

Metaproject 07: Designing for Small Spaces

Metaproject 07 is back and this year, they're focusing on maximizing small space functionality with Umbra.

At The Office

Metaproject 06: Rethinking Office Products for Poppin

Metaproject 06 asked students to rethink office products for Poppin.

Metaproject 03: Areaware Wooden Toys

RIT students were challenged to create wooden toys for Areaware in the latest Metaproject.

Metaproject 02

RIT professor and Friday Five veteran Josh Owen launched Metaproject in 2010, an industrial design course that would partner students with i…

Dream Design Jobs: Josh Owen Named Director of RIT’s Vignelli Center

RIT's Vignelli Center houses an archive of work by Massimo and Lella Vignelli who designed iconic systems for the New York Subway and more.

Sky Villages: An Interactive Children’s Installation

Sky Villages encourages children to build architectural structures from blocks as part of an interactive installation.

One Chair Becomes Two With A Simple Swivel

Please, take a seat. Share your seat temporarily with a friend or co-worker with this innovative chair design.

Designer Dailies

A Day in the Life of Blair Prietz from RIT

Peek into an average day in the life of RIT industrial design student Blair Prietz, who is just finishing up his studies this year.

The Tools That Make It Happen: Rochester Institute of Technology

In this edition of The Tools That Make It Happen, I headed up to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for two days of touring the campus,…