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A Modern Barn-Like House by MU Architecture

A wood and metal clad residence that's a modern reinterpretation of a barn.

The Modern Barn by Emilio Eftychis

Built around a courtyard on a farm in South Africa, this concrete home is a modernized version of a traditional barn-style house.

Modern Barn in Connecticut by Specht Harpman

In Connecticut you expect to see barns, but not a barn like this. The barn was originally partially destroyed in a fire. The architects from…

10 Modern Houses Inspired by Barns

We decided to check out the barn look and find 10 modern barn-style structures we wouldn't mind calling home.

A Modern Home Inspired by the Remains of a Barn

A New England barn-style home that blends industrial and modern beautifully.

9 Modern Bunk Beds That Will Bring Your Kids Sweet Dreams

Whether space is an issue or you just want a fun addition to your child's room, here are 9 loft and bunk beds to choose from.

The Nostalgic Apron-Front Sink Makes a Modern Comeback

Mixing modern with rural design just isn't complete until you add one of these kitchen furnishings into your home.

10 Modern Wintry Cabins We’d Be Happy to Hole Up In

We wouldn't mind winter so much if we were spending it in a cozy modern cabin designed and built for the elements.

A Hamptons Home Referencing Gabled Potato Barns

This modern, East Hampton, NY home is the perfect seaside retreat.

A Modern, Prefab Home in Jackson Hole

A Jackson Hole, Wyoming house made up of six prefabricated modules.

10 Modern Prefabs We’d Love to Call Home

Prefabs offer great, modern digs in smartly designed, often compact, packages. Take a look at 10 of our favorites.

A Modern Farmhouse in the Country in the Northern Part of The Netherlands

Take a classic barn shape and design it for modern times to create the perfect house in the country.

A Modern, Copper-Clad House with an Archetypal Feel

GRAUX & BAEYENS architects designed this copper-clad dwelling in Belgium with an irregular, angular shape.

A Shingle-Style Home in Cambridge Gets a Modern Renovation

A renovation that included integrating modern elements with an existing home's historic structure.

12 Modern Indoor Pools

Dream about these 12 modern indoor pools that play with the idea of blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Addition to Edward Larrabee Barnes Home by Robert Siegel Architects

Located in the Hudson River Valley, this original 1974 Edward Larrabee Barnes home was in need of more space. The homeowners of the TR Resid…