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Fresh Milk

Get Back to Work Safely With the Help of SnapCab’s New Office Products Launching at NeoCon

SnapCab is launching several new innovative architectural office products at NeoCon that are safe + provide workspace flexibility.

Up Your Pet’s Nap Game With a Cozy New Bed

Whether it's cold outside or you want to give your dog or cat a new place to nap, check out 6 of our favorite modern pet beds.

Spacekit Launches Snappy New Modular Wall Decor

Good news for us living + working in the same space! Home décor brand Spacekit + their customizable, modular wall décor system have landed!

Napfständer: A Raised Feeder for the Family Hound by Studio Seitz

A new Swiss brand designs a raised dog feeder that aims to bring Swiss heritage into the family home.

Get Out!

The DoñaPakyta Collection of Outdoor Chairs

Designer Carlos Jiménez, from Almería, Spain, created the DoñaPakyta Collection of aluminum outdoor chairs for Spanish firm Alutec.

Lula Morphs to Your Body so You Can Take a Cozy Nap

Lula brings a sculptural element to napping with its unique foam design that morphs to your body as you relax on it.

These Headphones Can Translate 11 Languages and Snap Together Into a Wireless Speaker

These 3-in-1 headphones can snap together and turn into a wireless speaker and can translate 11 languages.

At The Office

Grammarly Moves into New, Nap-Friendly Offices in Kiev

A modern Kiev office featuring a vibrant color scheme, a home-like vibe, and napping rooms.

The Napal DAL Sound and Lighting System

A minimalist halo LED light with its own integrated wireless audio system.

Studio Banana Launches Their Latest Nap Accessory: OSTRICHPILLOW LOOP

Nap enthusiasts Studio Banana are back with their latest nap accessory, the OSTRICHPILLOW® LOOP, and it's their best yet.

Napoleon Luxuria Linear Series Turns Down Temps By Turning Up the Technology

These linear fireplaces may be the most versatile fireplace for modern homes available today.

Snapshots of Palm Springs from Society6

These 11 photography prints by Society6 artists will make you want to take a trip out to this desert city.

Destination Design

A Capsule Hotel Comes to Town in Napoli

This Japanese space- and money-saving hospitality concept is a first in Italy.

The Bed Tent Has Us Dreaming of Nap Time

A tent for your bed that offers a secluded and private place to get better sleep at night or during nap time.