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Layered Wood Boxes: Weinfelden House by k_m architektur

A layered house with faraway views of Swiss and Austrian mountains.

A Minimalist Wooden Box to Hold Your Sketch Paper Roll

A simple, minimalist wooden box to hold a roll of sketch paper in making drawing that much easier.

Balolo XBox One and PS 4 Wood Gaming Console Covers

German accessory company Balolo introduces the first genuine wood covers for the Xbox One and PS4.

Furniture Inspired by Wooden Boxes and Broomsticks

LivingBlock collection by Antonio Serrano Bulnes for Mad Lab inspired by childhood "toys."

Wooden Book Box Shelving by Fabio Vinella

I think this shelving - called Once Upon a Time - by Fabio Vinella is such a fun idea. It can even be used as seating.

Miniportrait Jewelry Boxes Will Hold Your Favorite Things

The Portego Miniportrait jewelry boxes are perfectly sized to hold your most important jewels or special objects.

Skybox House Utilizes Rectangular Forms to Maximize Space

Dick Clark + Associates layered a horizontal rectangular form with a vertical one to create dimension while still allowing outdoor spaces.

UV Printed Plywood Side Tables by Craft Combine

Craft Combine UV-printed basic plywood with color gradients and turned the panels into side tables.

SIDES CORE Introduces Two Wooden Accessory Collections for Mad Lab

Wooden objects meant to be coveted and held in your hands, while they complement the surrounding environment.

R & Company Presents Sebastian ErraZuriz’s Breaking the Box

R & Company opened Breaking the Box, a solo exhibition featuring new work by artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz.

Get Out!

Cristal Box: An Outdoor Pergola You Can Escape to All Year Long

Come winter, spring, summer, or fall, Cristal Box will be there for you to escape to when you need a break. The outdoor pergola, designed by…

Lighting Made with Aluminum Aerospace Parts and Wood by Alper Nakri

A series of lighting where each piece has a story to tell based on their 1940's aluminum aerospace parts.

LUNARBOX: A Cat Home That Will Work with the Design of Your Home

Say goodbye to carpeted cat towers and hello to LUNARBOX.

Pangea Maps: Wooden 3D Contour Maps of Iconic Waterscapes

Sculptural, 3D layered maps that showcase various lakes and coastlines in Australia, the United States, and Canada.