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DMTV Milkshake: Sarit Shani Hay on Designing for Children + Social Change

Sarit Shani Hay talks about how she uses design as a tool for education, play and social change to make a better life for children.

The Hayarden School for Refugee Children in Tel Aviv by Steinberg Fisher

A school in Tel Aviv was given a colorful renovation to welcome children of refugees.

The Modular Pink Collection Celebrates the Bauhaus

Sarit Shani Hay designed The Pink Collection, a series of playful and delightfully quirky furniture that is a tribute to Bauhaus.

Best Interior Design Posts of 2018

We're taking a look back to see the most popular interiors that we featured in 2018.

An Imaginative Kindergarten That Will Make Your Kids Love School

A kindergarten and daycare full of innovative design, bursts of color, and playful vignettes to get the kids excited about school. 

Nominate Your Best Designs to A’ Design Awards 2015

Don't forget to enter the A' Design Award & Competition - the deadline is next week!