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Former Apple Engineer Designs Futuristic Kinetic Motion Cannabis Water Pipe

This futuristic water pipe designed by a former Apple engineer to deliver a contactless high with just a flip using the power of gravity.

Neenineen Studio’s Totally Tubular Ceramics Celebrate Cannabis and Caffeine

Ninon Choplin of Neenineen Studio crafts clay into a colorful movement of tubular shapes celebrating caffeine and cannabis.

Castor Design Packs All of Your Cannabis Needs into the Heirloom Stack

A pink glass cannabis pipe, grinder, and ashtray set that could easily resemble a trinket you stole from your grandma's house.

12 Companies Changing the Landscape of Cannabis With Design

We rounded up a selection of designers and brands we identify at the forefront of Cannabis 2.0.

10 More Designer Cannabis Goods For the Cannaseur

10 products reshaping the cannabis industry into a luxury experience for consumers demanding high design with high times.

Design Store(y)

Serra, a Store for the Cannabis Cannaseur

You’ll wish your local dispensary looked like this.

10 Designer Cannabis Accessories to Help You Get Lit

With the expansion of marijuana legalization across the country, high-end pot paraphernalia is growing... and getting designy!

8 Black-Owned Beauty + Wellness Brands to Help You Look + Feel Better

We're sharing 8 Black-owned businesses that we think are making some interesting beauty and wellness products worth checking out.

Design Milk’s 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is on the horizon, but there's still enough time to get something special to communicate your heartfelt appreciation!

The TROVA GO Personalizes Biometric Security Wherever You Are

A biometric-secured portable case to stash personal items, accessories, or cash from prying eyes and curious hands.

The Rotofarm Is a NASA-Inspired, Sculptural Hydroponic System

Rotofarm indoor hydroponic gardening system aims to deliver in a decor-friendly form factor suitable for open display in the kitchen.

Omura Series 1 Whole Flower Vaporizer

A modern design whole flower vaporizer engineered to deliver whole flower experience without the grinding, packing, or cleaning.

2018 Gift Guide: Health & Beauty

This list of modern beauty, skincare and personal care shares 10 ways to give someone you love the excuse to pamper themselves.

2018 Gift Guide: Design Milk Tech

We've gathered a list of tech gifts designed to upgrade lives, not just devices.