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Design Milk Travels to… St. Moritz, Switzerland

Opulent accommodations, decadent dining, and death-defying winter pastimes, surrounded by Instagram-friendly picturesque landscapes.

Design Milk Travels to… Bucharest, Romania

See all that Bucharest has to offer from dawn to dusk as the post-communist capital of Romania is in its own quiet prime.

Design Milk Travels to… The Baltic Sea

Viking Ocean Cruises offer itineraries catering to art, architecture, culinary adventures, + history thru many ports across the Baltic Sea.

Design Milk Travels to… Athens, Greece

We visit Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities that presents itself rather lightly for its age.

Design Milk Travels to… Zürich, Switzerland

We traveled to Zürich, northern Switzerland's most famous lakeside city, to find the best modern places to stay, shop, and visit.

Design Milk Travels to… Savannah, Georgia

We visit a coastal town at the confluence of Southern hospitality and collegiate creativity.

Design Milk Travels to… Lapland, Finland

Discover Arctic design in the region famous for aurora lights and the midnight sun. Plus: the last building Aalto saw completed in his life.…

Design Milk Travels to… Tbilisi, Georgia

If there's anywhere in the world to go today – before it changes – it's Tbilisi.

Design Milk Travels to… Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Unlike Machu Picchu, Miraflores, which means "look at the flowers," is very much alive. Here's our guide to the best food, shops and sights.…

Design Milk Travels to… Stockholm

If you have plans to travel to Stockholm, Sweden, check out Design Milk's travel guide, which includes places to stay, shop, and visit.

Design Milk Travels to… Connecticut

In this travel guide we explore Connecticut, otherwise known as the Modernist enclave of the East Coast.

Design Milk Travels to… The Hudson Valley

New York's not just the city. Drive two hours North and you'll find an eclectic mix of natural beauty, modernist homes and designer stores.

Design Milk Travels to… The Sea Ranch

For this Travel Guide, we head to The Sea Ranch – a time capsule community stretching across 10 miles of pristine California coast.

Design Milk Travels to… San Diego

San Diego has more to offer than just great weather and theme parks... Check out our travel guide to see why!