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Morpholio Board App Launches New Color Swatch Tool

The Morpholio Board app creates a new color swatch tool, making it easier for designers to work with their color inspo.

This Space Was Designed Using an iPad, Morpholio Board and…a Ride in an Uber

Utilizing iPads, Morpholio Board and other intelligent software, you can design, present and document work from anywhere.

Morpholio Brings Ease to Architectural Drawings with ScalePen

Morpholio has launched an easier way to draw on the iPad in their popular app, Trace, with ScalePen.

Morpholio Drops Journal App Giving You a Sketchbook with Infinite Possibilities

Morpholio's latest app is like your beloved paper sketchbook mixed with caffeine, steroids, and magic.

EyeTime 2014: Morpholio Project Announces Photo Competition Winners

EyeTime 2014, from the Morpholio Project, has announced the winners of its annual photography competition.

Morpholio Board App May Change the Interior Design Game

Morpholio Board is a brand-new mobile app that changes the design game with it's super cool features and professional aesthetics.

The Morpholio Project Announces the Winners of Pinup2014

The Morpholio Project just announced the winners of the online, juried Pinup2014 competition and here are the winners!

The New Apple iPad Pro Evolves Into An Essential For Designers

Apple's new iPad Pro is the best iPad ever for designers, but its potential is only realized after upgrading it to iOS 11.

Best Technology Posts of 2016

From levitating bonsais to mini espresso makers to clocks that change our perception, we take a look at the most popular technology posts.

Dwell on Design 2016 is This Weekend!

Dwell on Design LA is this weekend at the LA Convention Center - don't miss it!

The Designer’s iPad Pro App Buyer’s Guide

Here are 9 of the most capable and feature-rich apps and utilities for designers using the iPad Pro.

Sink In: Adjustable Seating by Keren Shiker

Customize your own seat when you need to without it being permanent.

The Design Essentials: iPad Apps for the Creative

Design-centric iPad apps for creatives to enhance your skills—from organization to research to sharing and, of course, designing.

Best of 2014: Editors’ Faves

Sometimes our favorite posts don't make it into the top 10 best or end-of-year roundups, so here they are!