A 50’s Farmhouse in The Netherlands is Renovated and Gets an Extension

05.25.17 | By
A 50’s Farmhouse in The Netherlands is Renovated and Gets an Extension

Bureau Fraai completed renovations on a 1950’s farmhouse in Aalten, Gelderland, The Netherlands, while also adding a modern extension onto the home’s existing barn. The homeowners longed to update the aging interior, while also connecting the inside with the surrounding landscape.

To do that, the architects opened up the ground floor of the original house and designed an extension onto the old barn that opened up to the garden.

They kept the original brick and ceramic roof tiles on the original barn, while incorporating black, pre-weathered titanium zinc on the facade and roof of the new part, helping to modernize the entire property.

On the new end of the barn, a wooden scissor frame catches your eye from the outside and allows light to enter through its open window panes.

Inside the same wooden scissor frames are utilized and become a design feature throughout the open space, while giving nod to historical Dutch farm structures.

Polished floors and white walls and ceilings keep the space light and bright, with the wood bringing in a natural element.

Photos by Wim Hanenberg.

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