A Contemporary Japanese Interior in an Amsterdam Canal House

08.27.20 | By
A Contemporary Japanese Interior in an Amsterdam Canal House

Located in the city center of Amsterdam, Netherlands, the eclectic canal house was designed as a minimalist retreat by Amsterdam-based studio Mokkō. The designers were tasked in creating a contemporary central living room inspired by Japanese sensibilities and aesthetics.

A holistic approach allowed the designers to create a space that would depart from typical Western living room conventions, and use materials focused on the beauty of their imperfections. The space utilizes a mixture of materials commonly seen in Japanese homes, along with natural materials such as French Oak, walnut, rice paper, clay plaster and jute.

In an effort to create awareness of the transition from one space to another, large French oak beams were laid horizontally to serve as the entrance steps, mirroring the concept of stepping stones seen in Japanese zen gardens. Aside from the upholstered pieces, every detail of the interior including the furniture and lighting is designed by Mokkō.

Photography by Ralph Reniers Photography.

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