A Dated Greek Apartment Renovated to Make Room for a New Baby

08.24.18 | By
A Dated Greek Apartment Renovated to Make Room for a New Baby

A young couple in Serres, Greece hired Normless architecture studio to renovate their 115-square-meter apartment to make room for their newborn baby. The apartment, in a 1970’s building in the city center, didn’t function the way the homeowners needed it to, leading the architects to design a new layout that gave more separation between the public living spaces and the private bedrooms. The resulting design merges the couple’s classic tastes with a minimalist aesthetic that offers them the utmost functionality.

Wood flooring in a classic chevron pattern provides warm texture that grounds the space. Contrasting colors in the furnishings and materials gives a more dramatic feel throughout.

The guest bathroom features double sinks and white marble tiles, while the master en-suite bathroom has black marble tiles.

Photography by George Sfakianakis.

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