A Fantasy Cave Residence Is Designed to Showcase a Bookcase

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A Fantasy Cave Residence Is Designed to Showcase a Bookcase

You’ve seen bookcases before but never showcased in a way like this. Design and manufacturing firm Bestcase collaborated with 3d-rendering studio Renderfolk to create a virtual, natural residence, one that was designed for its furnishings instead of vice versa. Creating this fantasy environment allowed the team to showcase the versatility of Bestcase’s Scaffold system and how it’s able to adapt to its surroundings.

cave residence rendering

In this virtual home, the Cave Residence is situated in a limestone ravine that is accessed by descending below ground via an entrance ramp.

Adjacent to the ramp, a Growing Lab is supported by a massive shelving unit that contains cabinets for tools, under shelf grow lights, and work surfaces for manicuring and pruning. A glass facade allows for sunlight to stream through for proper sun exposure.

plant bookshelf

study room

A study room inspired by the Petra World Heritage site features a shelving unit that’s been built directly into the rock face like its namesake inspiration.

bookcase bathroom

In the bathroom, a stainless steel unit frames the outdoor view and provides a visual boundary to the invisible glass wall.

bookcase library

A sliding ladder accompanies a bookcase that reaches for the sky-high ceiling.

living room bookcase

Finally, the living room features a bookcase with integrated seating and stainless steel perforated backing.

All of these imaginary environments and furnishings were inspired by the very real, and just as fantastic, Scaffold system and furniture designed by Bestcase.

bestcase cart


bestcase conference table

Conference table

bestcase desk


bestcase office

Office unit

bestcase sideboard


bestcase study

Study unit

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