A Gaming Company’s Office Embraces an Anti-Tech Atmosphere

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A Gaming Company’s Office Embraces an Anti-Tech Atmosphere

How appropriate the workspace of a company responsible for several modern reinterpretations of gaming consoles of yesteryear would also keep one foot in the past and the other stretched toward the future. Seattle-based gaming design and fabrications company Analogue’s newly opened Asia headquarters showcases a similar retro-modern theme within their Causeway Bay, Hong Kong workspace – a tastefully “anti-tech” atmosphere for a team dedicated to (re)creating homage gaming systems.

Occupying a modest 660 sq.ft. Analogue’s 1964-built streamlined-art moderne office hosts a 10-person team and is a realization of a 10-year dream for Analogue founder, Taber. While dimensions are small, the vibe within feels open and spacious, thanks to the the aid of James JJ Acuna for JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio.

Analogue’s Super Nt console.

Designed in collaboration with Analogue founder, Christopher Taber, the Hong Kong headquarters wear a “cool-white” palette complemented by the warmth of lightly oiled chevron oak floors underneath, with ample natural light to accentuate the corner office’s best features.

Mid-century and bespoke walnut wood furnishings from the likes of Modernica and Harmony (Hong Kong) are accessorized with black metals, sheer white fabric curtains, and off-white handmade clay tiles, completing a decoratively retro canvas.

Hand painted signage by KATOL of Start From Zero and Master WU Chi Kai of The Hong Kong neon heritage add visual interest to the walls. The sum is a workspace tailor made to represent a company whose efforts capture the spirit of the past within the context of the present.

Photos by XU Liang Leon for JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio.

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