A Glass House Inspired Pavilion Houses an Indoor Swimming Pool

08.04.22 | By
A Glass House Inspired Pavilion Houses an Indoor Swimming Pool

Maurice Martel architecte gives nod to iconic modern architecture in a project in Montréal where they designed an indoor swimming pool that can be enjoyed all year long, even during the long Quebec winters. Pavilion A references Philip Johnson’s Glass House and the Ben Rose House, featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, with its minimalist structure made of metal and glass. Massive windows float floor-to-ceiling with a flat roof that appears to float on top.

The exterior part of the structure might be black, but the interior is bright with the help of skylights and a white ceiling.

Inside, much of the perimeter is lined with plants to give a tropical feel that evokes relaxation, while offering added privacy.

A circular structure clad in warm red cedar cleats hides the bathroom, which opens up to reveal a bright white interior flooded with natural light from above.

Photos by Adrien Williams, courtesy of v2com.

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