A Hotpot Restaurant That Resembles a Taipei Streetscape

05.19.20 | By
A Hotpot Restaurant That Resembles a Taipei Streetscape

Nuannuan is a new Taiwanese hotpot restaurant and bubble tea cafe that brings the essence of Taipei to Beijing. Golucci Interior Architects recently completed the interior design, which focuses on integrating design elements from a Taipei streetscape into the space.

The entrance and waiting area are designed to resemble an old Taiwanese railway station, with a vintage bicycle propped against the doorway, a large clock, train-inspired seating, and iron decorations under lights.

Once inside, you are greeted with a minimal white brick counter for the hosts.

Past the waiting area, the space opens up to reveal different zones divided by a large wooden partition that provides a desired extra layer of privacy for the social eating style. The partition rises and falls in shape, sometimes creating a gable shape that references buildings lining a street.

An artistic wooden tree surrounded by a circular table references city benches, and train station-inspired signage decorates the walls.

Photos by Lulu Xi.

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