A Kernel of Sustainability Illuminates the Ammunition x Gantri Lighting Collection

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A Kernel of Sustainability Illuminates the Ammunition x Gantri Lighting Collection
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San Francisco-based Gantri’s network of independent designers combined with progressive manufacturing processes utilizing 3D-printed manufacturing has resulted in an impressive selection of contemporary desk, floor, and wall lamps for reasonable prices. Their latest launch is no different, encompassing not one, but three new lighting collections designed in collaboration with fellow Bay Area design studio, Ammunition.

Designed and manufactured in California, Ammunition’s collections – “Carve,” “Gio,” and “Signal” – were conceived to take advantage of Gantri’s 3D-printed, on-demand platform while also delivering designs with a level of organic craftsmanship in the forms of LED table, floor and wall mounted-lights, starting at a reasonable $148. Oh, and Gantri doesn’t just use run of the mill 3D-printed plastic polymers to produce their products, but instead use sustainably processed corn PLA for a higher degree of biodegradability.

The eponymous Carve Collection is intended to capture the appearance of carved stone. Offered in table, floor, or wall lighting editions, our favorite of the three is the wall model design; positioned in pairs, the Carve presents a handsome and compact bedside solution for anyone partial for getting a chapter or two of reading before lights out.

The slat front of the Signal Collection are intentionally reminiscent of  architectural louvers – a graphical and geometrical sculptural profile intended as a bold, attention-grabbing presence in the room, whether day or night.

A nod to the Italian lighting designs of the 1970s, Ammunition’s Gio Collection is more sedately glamorous than its decade-specific inspirations. Our favorite of its three options is the Table edition, presenting a modernized homage and silhouette of the Castiglioni brothers’ Snoopy lamp.

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