A Kyiv Therapist Gets a Scandinavian Zen Studio by Olga Fradina

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A Kyiv Therapist Gets a Scandinavian Zen Studio by Olga Fradina

Olga Fradina renovated this 78-square-meter (approx. 840-square-foot) interior in Kyiv, Ukraine on a budget, with a Scandinavian zen aesthetic for a practitioner that focuses on color therapy, Aura-Soma, counseling, massage, yoga, and meditation. The Kamala Center was designed to reflect functionality for the client and her patients, which involved a new layout, as well as a kitchen, reception and tea room, massage room, shower room, and consult room.

Fradina designed the wall rack in the Aura-Soma room to house the colorful bottles of oil used in the treatment where it becomes a key pieces in the room’s decor.

The design blends minimalism with a nod to industrial with special attention paid to the color scheme, as color therapy is a large part of the client’s practice. Rich soothing colors were used throughout with the goal of making patients feel calm and relaxed during their treatments.

Fradina worked with Ukrainian furniture designers to create custom pieces used in the common areas, like this coffee table in the Aura-Soma room and a bench in the massage room, designed by Staritska Maysternya.

In addition to the table above, Staritska Maysternya designed the rustic wooden pieces in the tea area, which also features a graphic print above by the interior designer herself.

The cozy massage room has a niche featuring one of Fradina’s cloud prints with a neon sign reading “Be Free” over it.

Photography by Andrey Avdeenko.

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