A Lakeside Cottage Gets a Modern Addition by Anik Péloquin architecte

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A Lakeside Cottage Gets a Modern Addition by Anik Péloquin architecte
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The Sisters is a project that comprises a small lakeside house, aka “big sister” in La Malbaie, Canada, that recently added a modern addition designed by Anik Péloquin architecte. It was used for three decades as a hunting lodge and then a summer home when the new homeowners purchased it and begin to spend random amounts of time there. After about six years of that, the couple realized a renovation would have been costly, so instead they chose to build a new “little sister” attached to it.

The original house keeps the history alive while also housing guests when visiting. The new modern extension complements the old house with its tamarack exterior.

The new house contains two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and lounge areas, that span a modest footprint. Its vertical, geometric shape gives the appearance that it’s larger than it is

The proportions were carefully planned as to work in conjunction with the size of the original house, as well as keeping it in line with the lake and trees.

Inside, the walls are clad in white-stained pine, which adds a modern warmth to the walls.

The only room housed upstairs is the master bedroom that overlooks the main living space.

Photos by Louis Prud’homme, courtesy of v2com.

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