A Long, Narrow House Nestled into the Side of Mount Macedon

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A Long, Narrow House Nestled into the Side of Mount Macedon

Located northwest of Melbourne in a small town of the same name, the Mount Macedon House sits nestled into the side of the mountain on a plot of land that proved challenging for Field Office Architecture. Along with the clients’ specifications, there were strict regulations to follow for bushfire prevention.

The long, narrow site afforded uninterrupted views of the bushland to the north and northeast offering the homeowners a relaxing place to call home.

With the dramatic slope of the property, the design required that the structure be elevated to limit the amount of excavation, as well as to increase the views of the landscape.

The exterior is clad in corten steel, which takes care of the bushfire screening requirements, with the ability to open and close windows as needed. The rest of the structure is outfitted with screening for added privacy, which does not obstruct the views or prevent light from entering.

Towards the back of the home in the part covered in steel, the bedrooms and study areas reside, while the public spaces are towards the more open front.

An outside staircase leads to the rooftop deck which boasts 360 degree views.

Photos by Dan Farrar.

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