A Modern Guide to Resetting Your Mind + Space for 2022

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A Modern Guide to Resetting Your Mind + Space for 2022

Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten into a groove for the new year since we’re all in agreement that the first week of January is just on-boarding. While we believe that you can start anew any time of the year, there is something intuitive about using the first calendar month to freshen up, start new habits, and setting goals for the rest of the year. If you’re looking to organize your life, set new intentions, make fitness a priority, participate in Dry January, or map out your goals for the year, we’ve rounded up all the ways to help you put your best foot forward in 2022.


bala play mat

If you’re looking to get back on your fitness game, you probably already know not to hit the gym in January. It’ll be too packed. Instead, carve out a space at home with the essentials you need to get your heart rate going. We love Bala’s new mat for its 8mm thick padding and contemporary arched shape.

resistance bands

You can make simple movements a sweat-inducing challenge just by adding resistance bands. Core Club has them in neutral colorways you’ll want to reach for.

meditation cushion

For a cool down, you can hang out in Shavasana pose on your mat or sit upright on a meditation cushion. This one by Walden is antimicrobial and has a memory foam top layer for added comfort while the bottom fill of hypoallergenic buckwheat hull (sourced from Upstate New York!) adapts to fit your body.

Dry January

beast blender

Dry January has become a bit easier to tackle now that brands have come out with zero-proof or low-proof alternatives (we rounded up 17 of them here!). Personally, I think it’s helpful in continuing the streak if you had a #treatyourself prize, like the Beast blender to make nutritionally-dense drinks or mocktails.

Goal + Intention Setting

jessie de lowe

Let’s dream big this year. In order to take charge of your life and recognize the areas you want to change or the goals you want to achieve, you have to be radically honest with yourself and take inventory of all the components in your life – career, family, mental health, physical health, etc. – and assess how you feel about each category. This is just one of the lessons in Jessie De Lowe’s Dream Catcher Course, a modern-day guide to manifesting + intention-setting. Jessie, a manifestation coach, art therapist, and certified yoga instructor who has been featured on Forbes and Goop, makes this course relatable, honest, grounded, and encouraging to those who are new to this practice or have been doing it for years. Filled with lessons, audible meditation guides, and journal prompts, the course will help you realize your priorities and goals for the new year.

self planner

On the related topic of journaling, it helps to have one! Our friends at Poketo have an assortment of dedicated journals and planners to help you sort out your thoughts, whether it’s a Self Planner for introspection, a Quarterly Goal Planner to help you stay on track, or Project Planner to map out your big dreams.

Clean + Tidy

the modern minimalist

The clean slate of a new year beckons a clean space. It’s time to clear out the junk drawer, organize your desk, assess what you’re keeping and what you can let go of, and make physical space for mental clarity. Not sure where to start? The Modern Minimalist has a free guide to download that includes an organizing checklist!

wire basket

Half the battle of clearing out clutter is dedicating space for specific categories of items. New to the Design Milk Shop, Open Spaces has wire baskets or covered baskets with wooden lids that are helpful for storing linens, toys, under-the-sink cleaners, craft supplies – anything that is better put away instead of on an open shelf!

chargeable catchall

A helpful cleaning mantra to adopt is “Don’t put it down, put it away.” That 3-second act of putting something in its dedicated spot will save you that 30-minute round of tidying up at the end of the day. For the daily items like keys, wallet, and phone, a chargeable catch-all like this one from Courant keeps everything corralled neatly instead of on the dining table.

felt desk pad

Whether you’re still working from home or returning to the office, visually and physically carving out a desk space will mentally get you ready for productivity once you’re at your desk. Graf Lantz’s Mosen Desk Pad Felt will do just that.

bungee cord organizer

A Bungee Board can also help you get organized. It can hold mail, clips, and a cherished photo in sight.

incense sticks

While you’re cleaning physical spaces, be sure to clear out invisible spaces too. Incense has been used for thousands of years to clear the air of negative energy, one thing no one needs right now. Cinnamon Projects has a pack of 50 Japanese-style incense sticks with dedicated “times” (aka scents) for burning: 7AM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, and 2AM.

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