A “Monastically Inspired” Workspace Designed for One

09.29.20 | By
A “Monastically Inspired” Workspace Designed for One

If social media is any indicator, Autonomous’ popularity for affordable and contemporary home office goods has spiked noticeably in recent months. But while a comfortable office chair, desk, and task lighting offer a mandatory baseline in regards to daily WFH needs, the announcement of the Zen Work Pod presents significantly higher (and aspirational) tier, addressing the possibility of working remotely indefinitely.

Imagine a minimalist-designed 68-square-oot shed upgraded with the finishes and amenities of a modern detached home office, all appointed with built-in shelving and a coordinating automated standing desk and chair – a space to check-in…and perhaps check out from the distractions of the household for working or working out. That’s the entirety of the premise behind the Zen Work Pod.

Aimed at “creators and freelancers” (not to mention homeowners with a backyard to call their own), the “monastically-inspired design” is just large enough for one person to work within, a prefabricated design that arrives in a 20-foot container and only requires 72 hours to assemble. “Ommm” not included.

The Zen Work Pod construction is comprised in a 4-layer design: a faux wood plastic composite exterior, a soft coal waterproofing layer underneath, and insulation foam covering a steel frame with tempered glass walls finishing up the exterior. The construction is covered by a 5-year warranty, and can be situated on “soil, brick, concrete, gravel, patio, grass area” all without any ground fixtures.

The design also incorporates electrical wiring to plug into an outdoor wire connecting to an existing power source from your home, which may entail requiring a permit(s) in some jurisdictions.

Autonomous has already pre-sold a limited quantity units at $5,400, with prices increasing incrementally all the way up to $14,900 – no small amount, but arguably, for some a worthwhile investment if our temporary solutions must adapt to become a permanent one.

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