A Renovation and Addition for a Brunswick East Victorian House

01.03.17 | By
A Renovation and Addition for a Brunswick East Victorian House

Quarry House is set within Melbourne, Australia’s Brunswick East and the Victorian terrace house was recently renovated and and extended with a new addition by Hook Turn Architecture. Referencing the history of the surrounding area with its brick and bluestone quarrying, the design comprises two stacked boxes, with the ground floor as a brick box and the upper floor a bluestone box. The original part of the house was constructed of brick so the same material was carried on to the ground floor addition for continuity.


While the front of the house remains with its 1880s Victorian facade, around back the second story reimagines natural bluestone formations with its tessellated pattern. To achieve the look, folded zinc panels were installed to look like eroded columnar basalt that left behind an arched opening.


The arched, geometric opening outlines the window in the new master bedroom, which juts out over the ground floor box helping to shade its interior during warmer months.







Careful thought went into the interior layout to ensure each room would receive the maximum amount of daylight. Helping to make that happen is a central courtyard.




Photos by Ben Tole.

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