A Rustic Home in China Filled with Global Souvenirs

Bob Chen Design Office recently completed the interior design of Mansion Liu, the designer’s good friend’s home. Based on the idea that a home is meant to display items that embody the owner’s memories and personality, the space features custom furniture and items brought back from travels abroad.

The culmination of the pieces creates a rustic, cozy aesthetic with modern touches in just the right places – think a minimal marble bathtub and dramatic fireplace.

To add to the eclectic personalization of the space, most of the furniture is custom-made with the help of designer Bob Chen. For example, the TV cabinet in the living room is made from a huge log from Indonesia, and four pieces of 19th century bluestone from The Netherlands were used to create the coffee table.

The home features a tranquil tea room that overlooks a small rock garden. Its walls, floor, and furnishings are mainly made from wood to enhance the rustic vibe and to directly connect the space with nature.

A dramatic fireplace sits between the preparation and sitting areas of the tea room.

The master bedroom and bath act as the most modern rooms in the home. A sleek marble bathtub invites relaxation, while a modern bedside vanity promotes self care.

Bob Chen

Photos by Wen Office.

Emily Engle is a freelance writer based in NYC with an interest in all things design, specifically the design process. When she's not writing about design, Emily can either be found taking care of her 31 houseplants, going on "nature" walks in her neighborhood or studying Japanese.