A Sculptural Shelf Made From a Laser-Cut Sheet of Steel

03.03.22 | By
A Sculptural Shelf Made From a Laser-Cut Sheet of Steel

OBJ-04 is a modular shelving system created by Mexico City-based designer Manu Bañó. Born in Valencia, Spain, the designer studied at the UCH CEU University to obtain a master’s degree in furniture and lighting design. Together with Héctor Esrawe and Age Salajõe, he co-founded EWE Studio.

In wanting to create a collection of his own, OBJ-04 is the newest in Bañó’s recent line of metal works. The modular shelving unit is initiated using a commercial format steel sheet to which several laser cuts are made to create its form and function.

Hot rolled steel is left raw without removal of scratches or defects from its manufacture in order to maintain its purest essence. The shelves can then be extended vertically or horizontally, allowing for flexible dimensions within a space. As described by the designer, “You can display objects or leave the shelf empty as a sculptural piece, eliminating its practical function and increasing its aesthetic ambition.”

Photos by Alejandro Ramírez Orozco.

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