A Tiny Triangular Retreat Floating Above the Vegetation in Dolphin Sands

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A Tiny Triangular Retreat Floating Above the Vegetation in Dolphin Sands

Tasked with building a tiny home in isolation, Matt Williams Architects designed this small, triangular retreat in Dolphin Sands on the coast of Tasmania. Named the Dolphin Sands Studio, the structure spans a mere 32 square meters (approx. 344 square feet) floating above the dunes as not to disturb the vegetation and snakes (eek!) that slither freely. By raising the studio, the views across Great Oyster Bay to the Freycinet Peninsula are maximized from all sides, allowing visitors to feel one with nature. From landing at the Tassie airport, to driving on the beachfront road, and then arriving to the studio’s winding pathway, visitors can shed their stress and find peace and calm in this Australian retreat.

The land had previously been untouched which took extra thought to determine the best location for the studio and a future residence. Initial planning required bringing services to the site, such as power, a water tank, wastewater system, and a driveway, without disturbing the land as much as possible. The water tank is buried beneath the looped driveway near the road to reduce disturbance to the landscape.

Inside, cost effective OSB lines the walls, while black limestone pavers cover the floors and help heat the interior during colder times.

While small in size, the unit is designed to accommodate visitors for 1-2 months with everything needed.

Photos by Adam Gibson, courtesy of BowerBird.

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