Alldock Multi-Device Charging Dock by Dittrich Design

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Alldock Multi-Device Charging Dock by Dittrich Design

Designed as a catch-all organizer and charging station for a multitude of mobile devices, the Alldock answers the task of eliminating cable clutter in decor-friendly fashion while keeping its collection charged with a quick charging USB hub hidden within.

With its wooden slat design, the Alldock may be imagined as a pint-sized George Nelson wood slat bench. Its 4-5 rail slots designed to accommodate an array of mobile devices, the Alldock safely and neatly displays phones and tablets upright at a slight angle (size accommodations listed here) – ranging from the smallest iPhone, to the latest Android devices, all the way up to the largest iPad Pro. Look into each slot and an array of charging port openings stay hidden within each slot – 3 per row – with the option to add additional slide-in, one hand docking ports for Lightning, micro USB, or USB-C connections. Inside the cavity of the base, an included 4-6 port USB hub offers 2400mAh charging per port engineered for quick charging. There’s also an option to purchase the base/cover only for anyone with a spare USB hub already.

The Alldock’s modular design is both functional and fashionable, with the option to swap/mix-and-match the base, top, and assortment of ports according to tastes and needs. An optional Apple Watch Mount adds wireless charging for all generations of Apple smart wristwear.

Dittrich Design, the team behind the Alldock, cites the mantra, “We build furniture, not gadgets” as the guiding principle for their decor-friendly solution. This may explain the mid-century vibe exhibited by these smart device charging docks. But we can’t help imagine this solution could look even more decor-friendly sitting flush inside the receptacle of a desk or shelf top – an IKEA hack in the making.

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