Allsteel Brings Corral Onboard to Expand Residential Inspired Contract Offerings

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Allsteel Brings Corral Onboard to Expand Residential Inspired Contract Offerings
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Allsteel continues adding to their catalog via collaborations with hand-selected brands that cater to the growing popularity of residential-inspired furnishings that create social and collaborative spaces within the workplace. Their latest partnership adds American furniture company Corral to their roster, thereby expanding their contract offerings with innovative, design-forward pieces that respond to the changing demands of the modern office. Corral brings forth their practical furniture pieces that have a West Coast casual feel, while paying careful attention to comfort and the use natural materials. In addition to the established products, the partnership also includes the sharing of research and the possibility of co-developing new work in the future.

Cobra Table

I am thrilled to launch this partnership with Allsteel. Corral was founded with the goal of exploring an American design voice; this opportunity to complement our design and material ethos with Allsteel’s will result in a broader platform for that exploration, as well as a greater variety of solutions for the A&D community to address the rapidly evolving office.

-Corral founder Eric Pfeiffer

Spin Lounge Chair

Stacked Table

Keep Vessel Table

Taper Ottoman

Linden Chair

Fort Lounge Chair



Gap Screen

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