Alma Eik’s Sustainable Modern Cabin on a Lake in Rural Norway

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Alma Eik’s Sustainable Modern Cabin on a Lake in Rural Norway

Norwegian architect Daniele Sales Myrhaug, co-founder of architecture firm Alma Eik, designed a modern cabin at the entrance to Grønsfjorden in rural Norway. Nestled in a sheltered spot near the municipality of Lindesnes, this idyllic summer retreat is constructed almost entirely from wood, featuring both interior plywood and an exterior clad in Kebony wood. This sustainable design provides a serene escape from daily life, embodying Myrhaug’s holistic approach to home design.

A modern wooden house with large windows, surrounded by trees, set on a slightly elevated plot with a gravel driveway leading to the main entrance.

Myrhaug drew inspiration from her 16 years spent living in Norway, blending her Brazilian roots with a deep appreciation for Scandinavian woodlands. “Nothing brings the pulse down like a walk in the woodland,” Myrhaug says. “So, when I was designing my dream cabin, the goal was to recreate the feeling of being surrounded by trees.” Her plan was to create a space that captures the tranquility of being in nature, which she accomplished in this lakeside cabin.

A modern wooden house with large windows and a raised deck sits on a grassy hill. A man and a child walk on a gravel pathway in front. Trees and a smaller house are in the background.

A modern wooden house with large windows and elevated on pillars, surrounded by green foliage and situated on a grassy slope.

Wooden exterior wall with vertical planks, partially lit by sunlight. Green bamboo plants grow alongside the wall, and a window reflects a mountain landscape.

A white outdoor sofa with a peach pillow sits against a wooden slat wall. A yellow planter with flowers stands to the left, and a round, brown wall lamp casts a shadow on the wall above the sofa.

Wooden deck with wire furniture overlooks lush green hills and a water body in the distance under a partly cloudy sky.

A person sits inside a modern house with a large glass sliding door, reading a book. The house overlooks a lush, green, outdoor landscape with trees and a deck area.

The cabin spans just under 1,000 square feet and includes three bedrooms, an open living and kitchen area, a bathroom, a hallway, a loft, and two terraces. Large expanses of windows and sliding glass doors leading to the terraces offer stunning sea views, seamlessly integrating the interior with the natural surroundings.

A cozy, sunlit room featuring large windows with a scenic view of mountains and a lake, containing a cushioned bench, coffee table, and assorted decor.

The living room is just a few steps down from the open dining room and kitchen with a wraparound built-in bench for reading or taking in views of the water.

A family of three relaxes in a modern living room with wooden interiors, large windows, and a view of a lake and trees. The room features a small fireplace, chairs, a table, and decorative lighting.

The interior is predominantly clad in plywood, with custom-made furniture that maximizes space and functionality throughout. The bathroom and the area around the fireplace are exceptions, featuring different materials to enhance those spaces. For the exterior, Kebony Clear Cladding was chosen for its sustainability and natural aesthetic, echoing the rustic character of the surrounding forest.

A spacious room with large windows offering a scenic view of a lake and mountains. The room has a wooden dining table, chairs, and two people sitting on a built-in sofa.

A pair of Louis Poulsen PH 5 pendants in hues of orange hang above the Scandinavian-inspired dining set.

A woman and a child stand in a modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and a large dining table, lit by two pendant lights.

“We all have a responsibility to think about sustainability,” says Myrhaug. “If you enjoy what you surround yourself with, you won’t want to get rid of it. Kebony is sourced from FSC-certified forests and the materials contribute to the overall experience of being there, not only in terms of sustainability, but also tactility, from the smooth surface of the facade cladding to the smell of wood inside the cabin.” Kebony, based in Norway, is a leader in sustainable wood technology, producing modified softwoods that rival tropical hardwoods in durability and stability. The company’s patented process enhances the wood’s characteristics, making it an ideal choice for cladding and decking in various outdoor applications.

A modern bathroom with mustard yellow walls, a round mirror, a white sink with black fixtures, a wall-mounted light, and a glass-enclosed shower area with terrazzo tiles.

A skylight turns the bathroom’s shower stall into a light well, where gray terrazzo tiles cover the floor and shower walls.

Person climbing a wooden ladder in a minimalist room with light-colored wooden walls and a glass door leading outside.

A wooden ladder against a wooden wall in a narrow space is partially illuminated by sunlight, casting shadows on the surrounding surfaces.

A child stands on a wooden ladder in a narrow hallway, reaching towards a high window. The hallway is illuminated by natural light from the window.

A small bedroom with a window view of greenery is shown through an open door. A person is ascending a staircase visible through a large window in the hallway. The interior is decorated with wall art and a rug.

A cozy room with a bed positioned next to a large window offers a picturesque view of green hills and a clear sky.

A sunlit bedroom with large corner windows showing a scenic view of green hills and a small town below.

A modern patio with a wooden deck features an outdoor dining table and chairs. The patio is adjacent to a house with an open sliding glass door revealing a kitchen interior. Trees and greenery surround the area.

The deck off of the kitchen/dining room offers a second place to eat meals al fresco under the Norwegian skies with views of the surrounding trees.

A modern house with large windows is situated on a hillside at sunset, surrounded by trees and greenery. Sunlight filters through the trees, casting a warm glow over the natural landscape.

Modern wooden house situated on a lush hillside overlooking a serene lake and surrounded by trees and greenery with mountains in the background.

A serene lakeside scene with modern wooden houses surrounded by lush greenery and hills in the background.

Modern house with large windows and wooden exterior, nestled on a hillside at dusk with surrounding trees and a gravel driveway.

A wooden cabin is situated on a hillside surrounded by dense green forest, with a view of distant mountains and water under a clear sky.

Photography by Kristian Alveo.

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