Anna Caradeuc and Bildung Debut Design Festival CONTRIBUTIONS

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Anna Caradeuc and Bildung Debut Design Festival CONTRIBUTIONS

CONTRIBUTIONS, an avant-garde design festival making its debut in Paris from October 16th-22nd, was created in collaboration between Anna Caradeuc and Bildung. What started merely as a conceptual brainstorm, the fair has evolved to support nine pop-ups in various locations throughout Paris – coinciding with the inaugural launch of Design Miami/ Paris.

Anne Declercq Harara Stool, photography by Rimasùu Studio

Anne Declercq, Harara Stool \\\ Photo: Rimasùu Studio

Drawing inspiration from her roots in the independent music scene, Caradeuc cites a shared commitment amongst the organizers to uplift independent artists and designers, with a motivation around amplifying these talents to broader audiences. Challenging the traditional structure of design fairs, CONTRIBUTIONS prioritizes a more inclusive, collaborative methodology, blurring the boundaries between artists, designers, galleries, and the public.

The decision to debut this event in Paris coincides with the city’s burgeoning stature in the global collectible design panorama, presenting nine site-specific installations accessible to all. These displays, conceived by both emerging and established designers from various corners of the world, seek to present a cohesive narrative reflecting the many facets of the design universe.

A distinctive aspect of CONTRIBUTIONS is its meticulous pairing of exhibits with unique venues, mostly situated in Paris’s 6th arrondissement. These venues range from a historic artist’s studio and the South Chapel at the Saint-Sulpice Church, to room 19 of the iconic La Louisiane hotel and a transformed 1950s cabaret, ensuring each exhibit offers an unparalleled experience.

Ferréol Babin, Nature Morte au Pain, photography by SINOPLE

Ferréol Babin, Nature Morte au Pain \\\ Photo: Sinople

Participating talents include renowned galleries and names that include Christopher Cawley (NYC), Conie Vallese (Lisbon), Demisch Danant (NYC), Galerie Desprez-Bréhéret (Paris), Katerina Jebb (Paris), Made in Situ (Lisbon), MANIERA (Brussels), Mariana Chkonia (Tbilisi), Omer Arbel (Vancouver), Rich Aybar (NYC), Salem Charabi (Copenhagen), SINOPLE (Paris), SIZED (LA), Sophie Lou Jacobsen (NYC), Studio Ford (LA), Studio HAOS (Lisbon), Thomas Hutton (Rome), and Zain Ali/ZN ALI (London).

Joris Verstrepen, Rest Daybed, photography by Sinople

Joris Verstrepen, Rest Daybed \\\ Photo: Sinople

Elias van Orshaegen, Statera Mirror, photography by Rimasùu Studio

Elias van Orshaegen, Statera Mirror \\\ Photo: Rimasùu Studio

Thomas Hutton, Canopic Lamps, courtesy of Thomas Hutton

Thomas Hutton, Canopic Lamps \\\ Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Hutton

Conie Vallese, Bronze Bloom, photography by Gianluca Bellomo

Conie Vallese, Bronze Bloom \\\ Photo: Gianluca Bellomo

René-Jean Caillette, Armchair Prototy pe, courtesy of Demisch Danant

René-Jean Caillette, Armchair Prototype \\\ Photo: Courtesy of Demisch Danant

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