The Anthemion House: A Mood Board of Blues, Greens, Natural Woods, and Brass

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The Anthemion House: A Mood Board of Blues, Greens, Natural Woods, and Brass

Located in Kavala, Greece, the Anthemion House is a three-story hotel housed inside a 1920s building that was recently restored by Normless Architecture Studio (whose work we’ve featured before). The new owners gave the studio only one design guideline, to preserve the building’s original character, and so the hotel underwent a seven month renovation that, in the end, highlights the architectural heritage and original details in a fresh new design palette of blues, greens, natural woods, and brass.

Guests enter through the metal sliding door of the reception, a nod to the geometries of the early twentieth century. The ground floor also houses the communal breakfast room and one of the five Anthemion Suites.

Instead of choosing to inject the rooms with superfluous decorative elements, Normless Architecture Studio decided to give the guest rooms and breakfast room a focal point, either the ceiling or side of the room, painted in either blue or green.

All the flooring was replaced with natural oak laminate and geometric cement tiles. Throughout the guest rooms, small modern details like leather wall hooks, minimalist planters, and modern maps of Greece add a contemporary feel to the restored rooms.

The studio also restored the original doors of the building and used them for the guest room doors, while new metal ones with bespoke brass and white knobs were designed for the communal spaces and each of seven bathrooms.

Semi-circle rattan headboards, wood furniture, green or blue lacquered cupboards, and brass fixtures and hardware gives the rooms an inviting and cozy aesthetic.

The perfect marriage of tradition and modernity makes the Anthemion House an easy choice for a relaxing vacation in Greece.

What: The Anthemion House
Where: 7 Kolokotroni, Kavala, 65201, Greece
How much? Rooms start at approximately $63 per night.
Highlights: Normless Architecture Studio held fast to the ideals of minimalism and simplicity to highlight the architectural heritage and original details of the 1920s building, giving the hotel a redesign that exudes sophistication and warm comfort.
Design draw: The Anthemion House is a beautiful mood board of blues, greens, natural wood, and brass. The common areas and guest rooms all have one focus point painted in either green or blue as the central highlight.
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Photos by George Sfakianakis.

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